Here’s a novel way for businesses to get customers to learn about their products and services: create a game from the content of your website and reward the players with some kind of coupon or offer. The advantage is that the customer must read some part of your website, thereby learning something about your business. Business Games

To get people to learn about our group, Mark Kolb (one of our members) has created a puzzle based on the content of the information found on this website.

Our puzzle is called “Know Your ABC’s” and consists of a series of challenges. For each challenge, find mystery the word using the clue provided. Each word has been split into “quads”, with each quad having four possible letters. Choose only one letter from each quad to form the mystery word. Although each challenge has many possible answers, only one word is correct for the clue.

As an illustration of one challenge, the clue is EXAMPLE and the answer is SAMPLE.


Mark Kolb is a software developer and creator of the game above. His passionate specialty is creating games for community awareness. His current project is to create a series of interactive passports for merchants, events, charities, community groups and festivals in York Region. The passport web app will be available soon at

CLICK HERE for a terrific example of a puzzle that Mark designed for our website at – Contact Mark if you would like a dynamic, interactive puzzle created for your website.